Photo: Jan Töve / Styling: Gudrun Bonér & Anna Lidström

Since September the design team of Studio Re:design have transformed textile waste into new products – to reduce the environmental impact of the textile business.
Marie-Louise Hellgren, the designer in charge of the studio, together with fellow designers Gudrun Bonér and Anna Lidström have been hard at work in the design studio. The designers receive textile waste from the industry in the west of Sweden, and clothes and other textiles from The Red Cross. Using this, and their collective knowledge and creativity, they create new products.
Their goal is to make products that different companies can pick up and mass-produce, on a small scale. To create a market for things that otherwise had been thrown away, and at the same time stimulate the growth of new businesses and create job opportunities.
– It has been a reversed design process. Ordinarily, you start with an idea and go about searching for a suitable material. Now, we have begun with textile waste from different sources and have thus been limited by factors such as measurements, quantity and material, says Marie-Louise Hellgren.
– The process has been very focused on the moment, revolving around what kind of materials we have just received that day and what we can create from them. It has also been very much about meetings – between different fabrics, techniques, designers, companies and organisations.